Adore Me and Girls Inc.


Adore Me teamed up with Girls Inc, a non-profit aimed at inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold, to help create well-rounded women in our community. Adore Me worked with Girls Inc. to launch a line of panties where 100% of the proceeds went to Girls Inc. In addition to supporting Girls Inc.’s initiative of #Fearless, Adore Me employees went to two of Girls Inc.’s after school programs for a day of speed mentoring with the young women in their program.



We Made Your Clothes Initiative

In an effort to promote transparency in the fashion industry, we’re participating in #FashionRevolutionWeek by sharing our gratitude for the incredible partners we work with! In the words of Fashion Revolution, “It’s important that we hear the voices of the people who make our clothing, because it helps us understand how we can promote a fashion industry that lifts people up, provides safe and fair jobs, and betters the lives of everyone involved in the supply chain.”


Our seamstresses from Vietnam — pictured here — are just two of the many people we work with to create the products you love in every size. They’ve worked with Adore Me since the company’s inception (for seven years & counting!), namely to create our bustier line. We truly value the work & expertise of our manufacturing partners who help bring our creative visions to life.


Earth Day 2019

The Adore Me teams participated in green projects for Earth Day.


The Romanian team cleaned up the area around the office and spruced up the trees around the parking lot at the office. The team cleaned up garbage, spare twigs and weeds. They also planted new trees and painted stones to surround the new trees.

The NYC team partnered with Trees New York to plant flowers and preserve and protect trees for a better New York. These flowers will help the trees live a long life and improve the air quality for all of Manhattan.


School Partnerships

Every year, classes from The High School of Fashion Industries are welcomed into the Adore Me NYC office to talk to working professionals about what their day to day tasks are and what makes up the different teams the of the NYC office.


"The trip helped me to realize that there is a lot that goes into making intimate apparel and underwear especially because there are so many different body shapes they must consider when making different sizes of their garments. I’ve never taken a trip to see how a specific brand or company works and I got to see the many skills and requirements that go into making the garments and the business what it is today. I never knew that there was a difference between a technical designer and the actual garment's designer because I thought it was simple to design some things and just send it in to be made, but it is obvious that there is a lot that goes into the creation of a garment. I’m still curious as to the people who manufacture and create customized pattern fabric and the cost because I would like to get some of my own. I am extremely thankful to the Adore Me team because they allowed me to truly understand the work that goes into keeping an ongoing apparel business and I will take this with me into the future when I desire to start one of my own.--Qui'ora Armfield, 11th Grader

"While on the trip to Adore me, I learned a lot about what it takes to manufacture, come up with ideas and actually pitch them to companies. Since the trip, I have been wondering if I should pursue a career in intimate apparels because of the different tasks they come upon. This is different than other trips I’ve attended because I was able to learn all the different techniques that you need to be different from other companies which is something that I’ve never learned before. For example, Adore Me is different in that of their collections and consistency throughout the years since they create lingerie for each month of the year. One of my greatest takeaways from this experience is the creativity you need to become a technical team member; you have to always create brand new ideas through what has sold before as well as what future buyers might be into. Although this is an obvious thing, it amazes me how these people create unique designs and can still get customers’ attention. I am not really left wondering anything because they were a great help with all their answers. I am really grateful for this experience because I got to learn a new way of looking at intimate apparel and how fascinating it is to work in a fun environment when it comes to these garments."  --Wendi Escobar, 11th Grader


"This trip helped to shape my views of fashion and intimate apparel because it  showed  me the different career options that exist within the intimate apparel world. For example the role of a technical designer was really interesting to me because I like the idea of actually being able to work with and manipulate the patterns and garments instead of just conceptualizing the idea. This was different from other trips I attended because I feel like this trip had educational value in that it opened up intimate apparel as a career option for me that I had never considered before as a serious job option. After this trip, one of my greatest takeaways was that it is possible to create a range of sizes and accommodate people of all different sizes for as similar a price as possible. I feel like it’s not fair that plus sized people are ignored or not catered to in a lot of areas of fashion and it was great to see that a really wide range was represented. I am still wondering about how they are able to put our new work every single month, that seems like it would be extremely hard to manage. I feel really grateful for this opportunity to visit Adore Me because I feel like my view of the fashion industry was widened. Before this year,  it never occurred to me that that was an entirely separate part of the fashion industry and I’m really happy that I was exposed to this because it really excites me as a career choice. The only part of the fashion industry that I really considered for a future job was bridal but, it turned out to not be as interesting as this. Now that I know more about intimate apparel, I feel like this is something that I could get into and do possibly for the rest of my life." --Mariela Garcia, 11th Grader

"This trip to Adore Me was wonderful because I got an idea of how a fashion company actually runs and I got to hear it from people who actually work in the industry everyday. I got to see all the different teams and manufacturers that go into producing the garments and putting them on sale. This trip was different from any other I have gone on before because I got to see the office side of the company, I got to see the technical designs and the garments that have not even been put on the market yet which is so cool. It was crazy to see how far in advance the company plans and designs to have everything ready for each month. One of my greatest takeaways from this experience was that being able to problem solve and get things done when there is a problem is very important in this industry since there is so much teamwork involved, a whole month’s worth of garments could be released late due to one mess up by either a team at the office or a manufacturer. After the visit, I was left wondering about what I wanted to do in the fashion industry in the future, whether it was designing the garment or fixing the technical parts of a design. Regardless, I want to do something in fashion. So, I want to thank the people that took time out of their day to talk to us and share the work that goes into running a fashion business. I really appreciated this experience because it helped me get a better sense and a more realistic idea of what I want to do in Fashion and what my options are."  --Aakriti Bagchi, 10th Grader

World Cleanup Day 2018


Let’s Do It, Romania!

The Romanian Adore Me office participated in World Cleanup Day - Let’s Do It, Romania! Our team was part of over 1 million Romanian volunteers that pledged to this great cause! Fun fact: Romania is one of the most appreciated countries in the Let’s Do It! initiative with their ever-growing base of volunteers. The Adore Me Team, and some of their kids, cleaned up a “dirty” part of nature that people would stop and enjoy before it was covered with trash. We’re so happy the team was able to restore it to it’s natural beauty for the community to enjoy it once again!