Employee Profile: Chloe Chanudet

Chloe Chanudet is the VP of Marketing at Adore Me, and has been changing the face of the brand for 4 years now. Prior to joining Adore Me, Chloe was a marketing manager for Mood by Me, and studied abroad. The Paris native studied in Rio de Janeiro with a focus on Law, Psych and Cinema, finishing her degree back in her home country at the Institut d’Etudes politiques de Paris.

Employee Profile: Kaitlin Wilbur

Kaitlin, a highly motivated self-starter, balances her creative designs with strong technical ability and constantly strive for improvement. Since her joining in January 2016, she has brought her expertise in lingerie to truly bolster the Adore Me design team! Prior to joining Adore Me, she designed for big names like Betsey Johnson and MAS Holdings.

Employee Profile: Alexandra Diaz

Alexandra Diaz joined Adore Me in 2013. She began her career in design at the University of Puerto Rico, graduating in 2011 with a BA in Environmental Design. She then went on to continue her education in design with a focus on Dreamweaver at the Universidad del Sagrado Corazon. After working at Planet Party in Puerto Rico as their Photographer and Graphic Designer, she came to the United States and worked in Washington, D.C. She has been at Adore Me for 4 years now and is presently the Web Designer.

Employee Profile: Colleen Leung


Colleen Leung has been with Adore Me for 2 years now as our Senior Technical Designer. She made her start at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2002, and graduated with a BA in Fashion Apparel and Design. She then went on to become the Assistant Technical Designer for sleepwear at Macy’s, and fell in love with intimates. After working for Dear Kate and Sears Holdings Corporation, she joined Adore Me to bring her expertise and achieve amazing fit.

Employee Profile: Michelle Rochman

Michelle Rochman is Category Developer at Adore Me. She joined the Adore Me team in 2016, with a desire to grow the category offering on the website. Originally from New Jersey, Michelle studied Business at the University of Delaware. She started her career in sales and merchandising at Macy's by selling Macy's private label brands to non-competing retailers globally. Michelle wants everyone to look out for all the amazing accessories Adore Me will be offering super soon!

Employee Profile: Jacqueline Fontana

Jacqueline Fontana the Product Manager at Adore Me. She received her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising Management in May 2012. Jacqueline joined Adore Me in May 2016, after completing internships at Zac Posen, Oscar de la Renta, and OSP Group. She brings extensive product management experience to the Adore Me product team. From merchandising to apparel management, Jacqueline is committed to providing the best structure and strategy to product procurement and organization.

Employee Profile: Helen Mears

Helen Mears began her career as a bra designer working for various manufacturers supplying Marks & Spencer, the premier department store in the UK. She was given a career opportunity to move to NY and two years later was recruited by Victoria’s Secret as a designer in what was then their brand new in-house design team. Helen eventually became the Design Director of the Angels sub brand before moving to Wacoal where she was the Design Director for the B.Tempt’d brand… And now Helen Mears is at Adore Me!

Employee Profile: Elise Sabak

Elise Sabak is a recent graduate with experience in editorial, public relations, event planning, social media, and digital media marketing. She’s also a believer in the Oxford comma (unless of course she’s working in AP style!). Fashion and beauty are Elise’s industries of choice, and she’s been lucky enough to have intern experience in both of these fields. She joined Adore Me in 2015 as Social Media Coordinator and is our social media personality!

Employee Profile: Michael Tudor

Michael Tudor is the Photo Re-toucher at Adore Me. He attended University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA, and focused on Fine Arts. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2006. After graduating, Michael freelanced as a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Photoshop Re-Toucher, and joined Adore Me in xx year. He brings his extensive digital art experience to the Adore Me team, and continues to educate the next generation in Illustration at Mercer County Community College. 

Employee Profile: Arianna Levin

Arianna Levin is an Assistant Designer at Adore Me. She received her Bachelor of Science in Apparel, Textile Design and Production with an emphasis in Lingerie Design in May 2015. Arianna joined Adore Me in the summer of 2015, after completing internships at NYC brands Negative and Sapphire Bliss, bringing extensive lingerie design and development experience to the Adore Me design team. From managing lab dips to working photoshoots to ensure perfect fits on models, Arianna is committed to producing amazing fit and quality garments to the Adore Me customer.