In honor of American Business Women’s Day, we’re sharing a special portrait series about what inspires the fearless women in our business! As women empowering other women, we hope we inspire you, too, to be the amazing girl boss that you are.



“I love New York’s acceptance to diversity: There are so many different cultures, ethnicities, and creative people being themselves unapologetically… I’d love to see more of that everywhere.”
— Marie, CRM Analyst

While growing up in India, I found hardly any girls with a skateboard. It was considered a sport for boys, as were many other things. I bought a board when I first came to the US four years ago. It gave me a sense of empowerment and freedom to pursue what I want.

I also chose it because I realize that just as it is with skateboards, there still exists a false perception that women cannot be as good as men in some fields, whether it be technology, core engineering, or just driving a car.
— Priya, Procurement Associate

Becoming a mother has been both my proudest moment and biggest challenge in life so far. Family is what matters most to me.

I feel empowered when women or minorities succeed. My notepad is important to me because it embodies my sense of power at work. I use it to note my suggestions, ideas, reminders, progress, etc...

It keeps me on track!
— Kiara, Payroll Manager

I consistently feel proud when I volunteer at Planned Parenthood, a health organization that provides free care to underserved groups.

I feel empowered when I look at this photo of my grandmother. After being a housewife for 30 years, she decided to step out of her comfort zone at 50 years old and become more involved in her community.

She worked at Planned Parenthood for over a decade, and she inspired me to volunteer there.
— Evan, Online Acquisition Associate Manager

I feel empowered when I run. Being outside running, challenging myself for longer and longer runs, taking time for myself and also connecting with nature - makes me feel powerful!

This ring was my grandmother’s ring. I usually wear it only at weddings because it brings her with me and makes me feel a little extra fancy and special. I come from a family of strong, caring women and that’s what this ring represents to me.
— Samantha, Graphic Design Manager

My motto is: Be intentional. Build, create, accomplish with purpose. Always challenge and think critically, and fight the innate human inertia to float downstream.

The legal profession still is, in many ways, an old boy’s club. My football is a reminder that girls can play too. And not only play, but score the game-winning touchdowns.
— Charlotte, General Counsel

My proudest moment in life so far is slightly embarrassing... But getting my driver’s license at age 26 made me feel like I could finally call myself an adult!

I feel empowered when I travel and discover new places. That’s why my passport means so much to me.
— Camille, Director of Retail

I am a Fashion Designer.

I joined Adore Me because I’ve always loved lingerie and swimwear. I’ve wanted to design it since I was 12.

What I like most about Adore Me is the opportunity to have open discussions with coworkers and managers.
— Arianna, Designer

My grandma (better known to me as Nonna) gave me her sketchbook years ago.

Nonna’s sketchbook is a reminder of how similar I am to her. Not only am I named after her, we also shared the same love for fashion.

Her sketchbook is a source of strength and power for me. It is a physical reminder that all I need to feel empowered comes from within and that I am strong enough to take on whatever comes my way.
— Angela, Business & Brand Development Associate

Growing up in my town often meant that the men were out golfing on Saturday while the women mastered skills in the home.

I was always determined to do anything that I wanted to do — so I learned to cook, sew, golf, fish, and even pick up carpentry skills.

While learning, I found I had great attention to detail. The putter signifies that for me - my dedication to learning these skills and the attention to detail needed to use the putter.
— Miriam, Finance Manager


About the artist

Aude Adrien is a New-York based photojournalist showcasing impactful stories about women empowerment and social representation.

She is interested in people and their duality - their outer (re)presentation and inner struggles, their conscious needs and unconscious desires.

Aude studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York.