Insider Style: Push-Up Balconette

The balconette bra has a designer-made and almost pin-up girl quality. If you like things that feel feminine and super luxurious, then you most likely will love the balconette style. The balconette may also come with removable straps so you can wear it with the straps or unclip them from the bra to wear your favorite strapless looks. This style reveals more than other styles because the height of the cups are shorter and the straps are more wider set than normal, meaning that this style of bra can stay hidden even under the most plunging of necklines. The seamed cups give an uplifted shape and more support, and some come with removable cookies. This allows you to remove the small padding on the inside of each cup for a contour look, or keep them in and let the push-up do it’s thing! You name it, the balconette can pull it off.