The lingerie trend that rocked the entire category

If you follow lingerie retail at all then you’ll know this year has been a wild one. Category standard bearers like Victoria’s Secret have downgraded earnings estimates while Agent Provocateur slipped into administration only to be bought by, of all people, Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley.

And in the midst of that swirling cloud of confusion, newcomers like Lively, Negative and Adore Me are having one of their best years on record. Something’s up; and we’ve figured it out.

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Victoria’s Secret Should Just Admit They’re Basically Just A Modeling Agency Now

This is the first swimsuit-buying season that Victoria’s Secret Swim is not available, which is a shame because it was the last thing they were really doing right. (RIP bikinis with that PERFECT shade of coral.)

Let’s be honest: Victoria’s Secret isn’t all that great. Their bras are ill-fitting and, besides the T-shirt bra, they’re impractical. Their lingerie is overpriced — we can get the same basic teddies at a Marshall’s or a Walmart. 

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Independent Brands Redefining Women’s Undergarment Market

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Adore Me CEO Morgan Hermand Waiche says his range of innerwear covers every size from petite to plus.

“It’s not about being seductive or trying to be a femme fatale… like Victoria’s Secret. It’s just about yourself feeling good in your skin,” he said.

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SmartCEO's 2017 Future 50 Awards

When Morgan Hermand-Waiche, then a broke MBA student, was trying to buy lingerie as a birthday gift for his girlfriend, he realized that all the high-quality items were far beyond his budget and cheaper items were outdated. At the same time, the most fashionable items were only available to women of certain sizes. “It was time to shake up the lingerie industry, lower its prices, speed up its fashion and make it accessible to everybody,” says Hermand-Waiche. 

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Bralettes That Actually Work For Busty Women

Having been blessed with a colossal chest and curves that just won’t quit, I’ve been strapped into an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder since my 11th birthday. I skipped right past the training-bra stage and settled — extremely awkwardly — into a full C cup just months into middle school. As years passed, my bust grew out of cutesy Victoria’s Secret styles, forcing me to scour through racks of woebegone beige bras, settling for literally anything that appeared to keep my chest in check. Those adorable bralettes, all lacy and sexy, seemed solely for the slimmer set; not an option for the D-plus crowd, and especially for me, a 38H. 

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What's up New York: Adore Me upsets the codes of lingerie

Adore Me upsets the codes of lingerie. This website, launched in 2011 in New York, wants to embody "the new face" of the sector. The start-up is characterized by an economic model based on retail sales and a subscription offer. Every month, she offers her clientele a set of underwear for 39.95 dollars.

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Why Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday works in 1-800-Flowers’ favor

“Adore Me is re-branding V-Day to ‘Me Day’, empowering women to feel confident regardless of their relationship status,” she says. The e-retailer is running a marketing campaign to support Me Day. “Rather than oversexualized lingerie, the fashion shoot was centered around activewear and comfortable leisure wear, and featured a plus-size model to send out a message of inclusivity and body-positivity.” The campaign launched in part with a Facebook video showing a single woman “falling in love” with one of Adore Me’s bras.

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The Best Lingerie Boutiques to Shop Online

Lingerie shopping doesn't have to be a hellish experience, with high school girls pushing push-up bras at the mall or lifer department store saleswomen with measuring tapes and dated taste. No, not when we have the internet, which is full of ways to find your perfect fit, both physically and stylistically.

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This week in N.Y.C. funding news: Adore Me, WeWork, Litify

Adore Me, the fast-growing e-commerce company disrupting the women's wear market, started out as a lingerie company with a subscription model aimed at millennials. Now, the Manhattan-based company is in a bunch of new verticals, including sleepwear, swimwear and activewear.

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7 Valentine’s Day Lingerie Pieces for Curvy Girls

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so now’s the time to start shopping for something special to wear that night. To help you get started, we’ve rounded up seven of the best pieces of lingerie to enhance those gorgeous curves (well, eight if you count the stunning bra above from Lane Bryant). No matter if you choose something sweet or sultry, one of these picks is sure to make you feel and look incredible—and your loved one is guaranteed to notice.

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6 Undies Every Woman Should Own & Why

One of the first things we do in the morning (after hitting snooze on our alarm for the fifth and final time) is put on a fresh pair of underwear. It's the backbone of any good wardrobe, along with bras that actually fit us. If we're being honest, though, our skivvies often play second fiddle to bras; we tend to put more careful thought into our bra choices, but selecting what goes on bottom warrants equal consideration. 

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Khloé Kardashian Is the Poster Girl for Revenge Body Workout Chic

As insane as the term revenge body just happens to be, we can all appreciate the dramatic and game-changing effects of a break-up bounce back that will have your ex rethinking all their life decisions. With an increased amount of time now on one’s hands, the newly heartbroken can channel their reserve of energy into planking, curl-ups, Pilates, and exacting post-workout selfies that show off a newfound six pack. Producing an overwhelming number of endorphins and a new target other than your ex’s head on a stick (we kid!), the burned soon emerge from the ashes, reborn. Lighter and freer, all excess baggage and weight seems to be dropping away, and with it, a new attitude of self-confidence begins to shine through.

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