How To Style Lingerie Into Your Daily Outfit — Because Shouldn't #LingerieEveryday Be The Next Big Thing?

I know that many of you are experiencing ridiculous blizzards or polar vortexes right now, and the idea of wearing anything but 100 layers of warm sweaters is going to sound awful to your current self. Suggesting that you wear lingerie in place of said sweaters is sure to inspire some massive skepticism, but stick with me here. Just because it's freezing out doesn't mean that we have to sacrifice our sense of style. Trust me, I wrote that sentence as a reminder to myself as much as y'all — my oversized sweater, denim, ankle boot, statement necklace combo is getting completely tired. For this femme, I start to get my groove back around Valentine's Day. I actually sort of despise the "holiday" (I refuse to dignify it by lack of scare quotes), but love all things delicate and frilly. Lingerie is my catnip and I'm practically rolling around on the ground in a pile of it at this time of year.

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