8 Gifts For People Who "Don't Want Anything" So You Can Shop Without The Stress

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How many of you have already finished your holiday shopping? How many of you haven’t even started? For years my sister would brag to me about how she’d wrap up gift-shopping in July, and if that’s your strategy, good for you, but personally, I prefer to keep the holiday season reserved for Black Friday through New Year's. In other words, I’m late to the game, which, generally isn’t a big deal — I’m a pro when it comes to shopping for presents — but then there’s figuring out gifts for people who “don’t want anything,” and the amount of brain power required for that kind of brainstorm can disrupt my entire flow.

On the one hand, I totally get it. We’re all adults here, and when you want something, you probably buy it. On the other hand, you know damn well this season comes around every year, so is it really that much of a strain to even just offer the slightest hint? No? OK, fine. I’m not going to try and pry it out of you.

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