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The lingerie trend that rocked the entire category

If you follow lingerie retail at all then you’ll know this year has been a wild one. Category standard bearers like Victoria’s Secret have downgraded earnings estimates while Agent Provocateur slipped into administration only to be bought by, of all people, Sports Direct’s Mike Ashley.

And in the midst of that swirling cloud of confusion, newcomers like Lively, Negative and Adore Me are having one of their best years on record. Something’s up; and we’ve figured it out.

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Victoria’s Secret Should Just Admit They’re Basically Just A Modeling Agency Now

This is the first swimsuit-buying season that Victoria’s Secret Swim is not available, which is a shame because it was the last thing they were really doing right. (RIP bikinis with that PERFECT shade of coral.)

Let’s be honest: Victoria’s Secret isn’t all that great. Their bras are ill-fitting and, besides the T-shirt bra, they’re impractical. Their lingerie is overpriced — we can get the same basic teddies at a Marshall’s or a Walmart. 

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