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Bralettes That Actually Work For Busty Women

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Having been blessed with a colossal chest and curves that just won’t quit, I’ve been strapped into an over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder since my 11th birthday. I skipped right past the training-bra stage and settled — extremely awkwardly — into a full C cup just months into middle school. As years passed, my bust grew out of cutesy Victoria’s Secret styles, forcing me to scour through racks of woebegone beige bras, settling for literally anything that appeared to keep my chest in check. Those adorable bralettes, all lacy and sexy, seemed solely for the slimmer set; not an option for the D-plus crowd, and especially for me, a 38H.

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The Best Romantic Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful


For those looking to go bigger than wilted flowers and a card this holiday season, it's important to remember that romance is still priority number one. After all, a giant flat screen TV might seem like a cool idea, but it's not exactly going to enhance the mood. From weekend getaways to silky pajamas, here are romantic gift ideas that will make you a holiday hero.

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While some may spend Black Friday in a turkey-induced coma, seasoned shoppers know this is the best time to score serious savings. Here, we've rounded up some of the top fashion deals and promotions so you can easily stock up on some new things for yourself (maybe those booties you've been eyeing?) or get a head start on holiday shopping. Let everyone else deal with those hours-long lines – you can do just as much without stepping foot off the bed! Just sit back with a cup of coffee and get ready to click, shop, and save.

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Social Media Holds Key to Boost Customer Service


Social media has taken over the digital landscape — and smart brands are learning that its influence extends far beyond a boost in new followers or an uptick in “likes.”

Case in point: Online lingerie retailer Adore Me was amid an expansion, which resulted in a need to scale its customer support. In search of a solution that went beyond outdated, frustrating long calls on hold or lengthy e-mail response wait times, the retailer turned to social media management software platform Sprout Social Inc.

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