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Here’s Some New Tech to Really Connect With Consumers


When it comes to buying new clothes, most consumers still want to make their purchase in an actual store. But online shopping has made some things so easy that people now view some traditional aspects of in-store shopping—like the fitting room and check out—as pain points. But retailers are looking to make the job easier, courtesy of some high-tech help.

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Are the robots taking over?


Meet Alphabot: Walmart Inc.’s online grocery order picking robot. This autonomous mobile cart wheels around the storage room of Walmart’s Salem, New Hampshire, store gathering nonperishable items for customers who have placed online grocery orders for pickup. It then delivers those items to Walmart workers who pick, assemble and deliver the order to customers.

Walmart introduced Alphabot last year to improve inventory accuracy and help its associates fulfill orders more quickly.

The robots aim to make store associates more efficient, says Ragan Dickens, director of corporate communications for Walmart. “We view these machines as an assistant to the associate,” he says. “The machines enable associates to complete the other tasks within their assigned roles while the machines complete the mundane, repeatable tasks.”

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10 Brand Marketing Trends To Watch In 2019


We are living in a time of radical transformation as the retail ecosystem continues to change at an accelerated pace (that shouldn’t surprise anyone). Although there are doomsayers who look at store closings (Sears, Lowe’s, JC Penney, Macy’s, etc.) as the harbingers of worse to come, retail is actually expanding, consumers are shopping and sales are up. Retail is just changing. Where, when and how consumers buy goods is shifting and, if we want to succeed, we need to keep up with the trends that are already having an outsized impact.

So, what macro trends already affecting brand marketing and consumer behavior should we be paying even more attention to in the new year? Here are my 10 picks, in no particular order (I couldn’t even begin to prioritize them):

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Snuggle Up And Chill: The Cutest Plus Size Pajamas To Keep You Warm All Season

Curvy Fashionista.png

Sure, winter limits the amount of fun and activities to be had due to the freezing temperatures, but it is definitely ideal for staying in and getting all snug in front of the TV. In the last few years, the plus size pajamas space has succeeded greatly in providing designs that are equally, functional, flattering and stylish. Long gone are the days when all plus size women had to sleep in were oversized shirts three sizes too big…

This winter, the goal is to get you into pajamas that are just as comfy as they are cute—and if you needed to run a quick errand, depending on the style, you could do so without getting any judgemental looks, you know what we mean!

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Adore Me Rolls Out Smart Display-Enabled Fitting Rooms

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AdoreMe has partnered with StoreAdvise to improve the privacy, service and convenience of its fitting rooms. The new system integrates IoT, RFID labels and smart displays to let shoppers interact with stylists without needing to open the door.

Shoppers can now request a different size, style or color garment using a smart display in the room, which immediately sends a notification to a stylist’s mobile device. These devices also carry information on what garments are already in the fitting room; which SKUs have been purchased; and which items are top sellers among garments that are tried on, to empower associates and give managers an improved view of customer behavior.

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7 of the Hottest Swimwear Trends of the Year — and Where to Buy Them


Whether you have a tropical vacation on the horizon or just want to jump-start your warm-weather wardrobe, now's the perfect time to give your swimsuit drawer a much needed update. With so many styles to choose from, finding the right suit for you can feel downright daunting. So we did the hard work for you and figured out which swimsuit trends will be taking over this year. From shades of nude to luxe velvet, click through to shop the trendiest suits of 2019.

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Fitting Rooms Get Techy: Adore Me, StoreAdvise Bring IoT to Intimates


Digital native lingerie brand Adore Me makes the fitting room experience more intimate with StoreAdvise, the retail technology platform from StoreAdvise envisioning “autonomous retailing.”

Combining Internet of Things, radio frequency identification and smart fitting-room digital displays, the system allows the Adore Me customer convenience, privacy and enhanced interaction in the fitting room. And more, it can warrant high value for the retailer — with $1.4 million in savings, according to StoreAdvise data.

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Adore Me brings modern tech to in-store lingerie shopping

Chain Store Age.png

A digitally-native lingerie brand is using smart fitting-room technology to take a big pain point away from in-store shopping.

Adore Me, which has just begun to expand in brick and mortar, has partnered with StoreAdvise on IoT, RFID labels and smart fitting-room displays. The solutions combine, allowing shoppers to relax in their fitting room while interacting with store associates in real time. Instead of waiting for an associate to enter the fitting room area or going back and forth herself, the shopper can request a different size, style or color garment by using the smart display in her dressing room. The associates are immediately notified on a mobile device when a shopper requests an item using the display.

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Adore Me seeks to disrupt brick-and-mortar with robotic DC

Chain Store Age.png

A fast-growing online lingerie startup is creating an innovative foundation for its expansion into physical retail.

Adore Me has opened a 126,286-sq.-ft. distribution center in Secaucus, N.J. The startup automates order management in its center by combining two robotic technologies: AutoStore cube storage technology and Opex SureSort automated delivery sorting. AutoStore uses robots and a traffic management system to densely stack bins without traditional spacing. SureSort is a robotic sorter that automatically reads barcodes and delivers items in a single pass.

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Best lingerie sets for Valentines Day

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Be it Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day or your birthday, if you love feeling like a goddess, buying a new set of lingerie doesn’t require a special occasion.

We all have our favorite undies and bras, some might not even match, and we all have that set our partner goes crazy for. But you wouldn’t be telling the truth if you said there isn’t room for more. Especially with the long list of choices and endless styles you can choose from.

There are a few things to consider, however, when it comes to purchasing a new set of lingerie. Different brands size their products differently, so we’d recommend that you always check the size guide and read into some reviews — so you’ll know if the brand might size up or down.

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The best places to shop for lingerie online

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Every woman knows all great outfits start with the right undergarments, but shopping for lingerie can often be a struggle. With so many colors, silhouettes, fabrics, sizes, and styles to choose from, hitting the lingerie department can feel downright daunting if you don't know what you're looking for.

The trickiest part of lingerie shopping is often finding underpinnings that not only fit properly but also will make you feel good. Because the true sign of a great piece of lingerie is one that not only looks great but will also give you an extra boost of confidence when you put it on.

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The Bra Awards


Raise your hand if you've ever: 1. had a problem buying a bra that fits, 2. couldn't find one that was actually cute/sexy/chic, and 3. decided to give up, go home, queue up Netflix, and swear off the strappy jerks forever.

Us, too—but luckily, more and more brands are waking up and launching new lines, designing prettier styles, and expanding their sizing based on the feedback they're hearing from all of us. We have more options than ever—so buying bras is (finally! yay!) getting a little bit easier.

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Online retailers like Allbirds, Warby Parker and Bonobos are opening bricks-and-mortar stores, often in the same Chicago area


Four days before Christmas, athletic apparel retailer Outdoor Voices opened a store in Chicago’s Ranch Triangle neighborhood. It should feel at home among neighbors like Bonobos, Warby Parker and Marine Layer.

All are within a block of one another, and all began as online retailers before opening bricks-and-mortar stores. Soon, Outdoor Voices will be sandwiched between two more: home goods brand Parachute to the east and shoe retailer Allbirds to the west. Parachute opened temporarily for the holidays, but both plan to open their permanent stores this spring.

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