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Adore Me Moves to Angular on All Platforms

Adore Me is proud to announce its move to Angular – the complete JavaScript-based, open-source, front-end web application framework supported by Google – on its mobile and desktop websites.

Adore Me has always been ahead of the tech-curve in the fashion industry: whether it’s A/B testing lingerie models or crowdsourcing new collections, the brand optimizes all aspects of its business. Now the company is taking the full-plunge into Angular: as of October 2016, Adore Me is fully Angular on its mobile and desktop sites.

In a market where leading lingerie companies are aiming to become digital first and to target tech-savvy millennials, Adore Me is once again leading the path with Angular.  With one unique back-end for all platforms (Android, iOS, mobile website and desktop website), developing new code is optimized and extremely efficient. With one front-end for both the mobile and desktop websites, a new feature only needs to be developed once to work everywhere – and that’s how Adore Me designs mobile-first experiences adapted to larger screen sizes. Using Angular is also a way for Adore Me to improve UX and really offer its millennial customers a seamless and flawless experience: with state-of-the-art transitions and steady user interfaces, Adore Me optimizes the way it interacts with its customers on all platforms.

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

“Our ability to be 100% on Angular is a strategic advantage for Adore Me. Not only are we improving UX on the front-end, we also dedicated resources to the back-end and ERP development. Adore Me is by far the most tech-savvy and digitally advanced lingerie brand on the market and I am proud of our team for the efforts they have put in to make this move a huge success”.

Adore Me is Selling at Lord & Taylor and

A curated selection of Adore Me products is now available at Lord & Taylor, both at the iconic Fifth Avenue location in Manhattan, NY and on the Lord & Taylor website, Adore Me products sold at Lord & Taylor retail from $39 to $49 for a bra and $11 for a panty.

Adore Me’s product assortment at Lord & Taylor features year round classics as well as seasonable fashion styles from Adore Me’s fall and holiday collections.  

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

“Adore Me was started with the clear vision of redefining lingerie to make beautiful and affordable fashion for every body. Our 4-figure growth rate shows how strongly this message resonates with our customers, and how agility is an integral part of our DNA – fast fashion and fast growth.

Partnering with Lord & Taylor is part of Adore Me’s growth strategy, which started with the opening of the Adore Me showroom in our headquarters in NYC and with a collaboration with Nordstrom in June 2016. Although we’ve noticed the recent shift in customer behavior – women enjoy shopping for lingerie online – there is still a very large audience who wants to try on the product before purchasing. Lord & Taylor is a fantastic ally in establishing Adore Me’s credibility in the fashion industry and opening our brand to a new audience.

Adore Me is a true New York brand - with our headquarters located in the center of Manhattan - and we are thrilled to partner with our neighbor Lord & Taylor at their iconic Fifth Avenue location.” 

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Adore Me Partners with PinkChoseMe

Tiffany Jones, a breast cancer survivor herself, founded the PinkChoseMe Foundation. She will be joining Adore Me on Thursday, October 20, 2016 for a day of increased awareness and early detection. She will also be a special guest on the Adore Me Facebook Live video taking place on the same day, at 12 P.M EST.

Adore Me has also created a “How to Check Your Breasts” YouTube video that will be released on Thursday, October 20, 2016. For every YouTube comment, YouTube thumbs up, Facebook reaction and Facebook share that the video receives, $1 will be donated by Adore Me to the PinkChoseMe Foundation.

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

“Adore Me is dedicated to empowering women. We are delighted to partner with PinkChoseMe and happy to welcome Tiffany as a guest speaker on Thursday when she shares her inspiring personal story of survival our staff and customers.

We are delighted to contribute to the effort to fund a cure for breast cancer awareness through the PinkChoseMe Foundation.“

Tiffany Jones, PinkChoseMe founder:

“PinkChoseMe Foundation partnered with lingerie fashion week a couple of years ago. It was a fun, powerful and empowering event. When Adore Me reached out to us we were overjoyed and excited to jump on board. The question is why? It's important to me and the organization that being diagnosed with breast cancer does not mean putting your head in the sand, being diagnosed with breast cancer gave me purpose. 

‘Women are being diagnosed with breast cancer younger and younger I've seen the wildest stories of young women loosing their mind, thinking I'm not worthy.’ No man is going to want me because I don't have my breast or don't have nipples. I've seen and witnessed so many tragic stories.’ That's why I founded PinkChoseMe Foundation, a nonprofit focused on educating women about preventative care and offering them the tools to face their inner and outer beauty challenges.“

Adore Me Launched Its First Activewear Collection in October

Following the brand’s guiding principle of inclusivity, Adore Me’s new activewear collection is available from XS to 4X and retails from $49.95 to $69.95 for a set (top and bottom). To launch this new product category, Adore Me shot an unconventional TV ad – featuring models Daniela Lopez and Bree Warren – which will air on national TV.

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

“Adore Me was launched with a mission to revolutionize the lingerie industry by providing sexy, affordable designs. We do not sideline women, but cater to all shapes and sizes. Adore Me is an inclusive brand and offers the same product range, with the same design sensibility, for petite, standard and plus size customers - with the relevant fit adjustments.

We want to be a staple in our audience’s wardrobe, whether she needs a lace bra, a stylish sports bra or a trendy sleepwear set. That’s why we believe that activewear is a natural addition to our current product line.

Most mainstream activewear brands offer a very limited size range where plus-size women get sidelined and have to shop from specialty and often less fashionable brands.

Adore Me has a dedicated activewear designer and a dedicated activewear fit expert to ensure that we are able to offer the best quality product and fit to all our customers, no exceptions made.” 

Adore Me Celebrate's Women's Equality Day

Morgan Hermand-Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

“Today at Adore Me, we offered flowers to every woman in the office and organized a special photoshoot session for all of them. But we don’t wait for Women Equality Day to ensure that women members of the Adore Me team are treated equally to men: we have different initiatives around the office to make sure that all employees grow and bloom in their work environment. And as a company, we proudly promote inclusivity and every form of beauty. We believe in lingerie that empowers women to be confident. “ 

Sophie Simmons Makes Her Lingerie Modeling Debut with Adore Me

Morgan Hermand Waiche, Adore Me founder & CEO:

Adore Me’s vision is to revolutionize the lingerie industry by creating beautiful, affordable intimates for every body type. We believe that every woman, in every size and body shape, deserves to feel strong, confident, beautiful and sexy in her own skin. We are extremely proud to be the only major lingerie line to offer accessible and inclusive fashion that ranges from petite to plus (sizes 30A 44G for bras and XS 6XL for sleepwear designs).

Part of our mission to redefine lingerie is to challenge common perceptions of what constitutes being beautiful and sexy. For Adore Me, a world where you have to be a certain size in order to be considered beautiful, is simply unacceptable.

Sophie embodies what the Adore Me brand is about: feeling confident in your body and being proud of every curve. Sophie is a gorgeous woman and was an absolute pleasure to work with. We loved having her on set and look forward to collaborating with her in the future.

And lastly, one fun fact I wanted share with all of the so called “industry insiders” that continue to insist that only skinny sells: Sophie is one of the best selling models on the Adore Me website right now.”

Sophie Simmons:

Working with Adore Me has been a dream come true. It s not often sexy brands associate themselves with in between or Plus size models. Adore Me is blazing the trail for all inclusive lingerie. They are setting a positive example for young women and I can t wait to continue working with them.

Getting the chance to work with both straight and plus size models on the same job has just concreted for me the idea that beauty comes in all sizes. The small act of hiring all size models has impacted so many young women and I m honored to be part of that. I hope in the future more brands see that we (models) can bring it at any size.  

Adore Me Begins Selling Online Through Nordstrom

The online lingerie retailer is also selling its products in five Nordstrom stores.

Online lingerie retailer Adore Me has become the latest online-only retailer to use Nordstrom Inc. to reach consumers in stores.

Adore Me, which ranked No. 634 in the Internet Retailer 2015 Second 500 Guide, will sell select products in five Nordstrom stores in California, Colorado, New Jersey and Washington state. The company also will sell through Nordstrom’s flagship website,

This isn’t the first time Adore Me has established a presence in a bricks-and-mortar store, though it is the first time it has done beyond its own location. The company opened a pop-up location in time for Valentine’s Day this year at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. When that pop-up launched, a spokeswoman told Internet Retailer that Adore Me planned to open more branded stores this year, though she didn’t specify when or where. The retailer also has a showroom in New York available by appointment only, near Times Square.

“Partnering with Nordstrom is part of Adore Me’s growth strategy, which started with the opening of the first Adore Me showroom in our headquarters in NYC,” said Adore Me founder and CEO Morgan Hermand-Waiche. “Nordstrom is a great fit in establishing Adore Me’s credibility in the fashion industry.”

Nordstrom, No. 18 in the Internet Retailer 2016 Top 500 Guide, has established a strategic partnership with other online-only retailers in the past. Online jewelry retailer Blue Nile (No. 82) first tried store-based selling in 2013 by opening jewelry showcases in two Nordstrom stores where shoppers could try on products before purchasing them online